ZeOmega Partnerships

Key Strategic Partnerships to Enhance Our Population Health Management Solutions

ZeOmega partners with a number of organizations to enhance its population health management solutions and provide clients with best-in-class capabilities. Some of the companies we have integrated with to date include:


Emmi Solutions

Emmi extends the reach of health care teams by enabling providers to communicate with patients throughout the continuum of care. Their easy-to-use, personalized and dynamic multimedia programs inspire people to take action, motivate healthy behaviors and build trusting ongoing relationships. Emmi’s EmmiEngage product has been integrated into the Jiva workflow, allowing care managers to scalably engage patients in their health. With Emmi as part of the team, clinicians can provide guidance, track progress and gather insights beyond the clinical setting to improve outcomes, enhance quality and increase satisfaction. Emmi’s content has been pre-certified by NCQA for PCMH criteria.



Healthwise provides care managers and physicians with a powerful resource that engages people to take an active role in their health. Healthwise member-friendly health education is fully integrated within the ZeOmega’s care management solution, Jiva. The integration allows health plans to access Healthwise® Knowledgebase, Healthwise® Care Support Pages, Healthwise® Ix® Patient Instructions, Healthwise® Ix® HealthMastery® Campaigns, and Healthwise® Ix® Conversations from within Jiva-streamlining and automating the delivery of this important content to its members, physicians, and the care community. Everything care managers and physicians need to support the people they serve.



McKesson’s InterQual® solutions help healthcare organizations to reduce over- and underutilization for optimal care, align with other stakeholders, support physician and care manager performance management, and increase defensibility of decisions to lower risk. The comprehensive InterQual portfolio includes evidence-based clinical content for levels of care, imaging, procedures, molecular diagnostics, DME, behavioral health, retrospective monitoring and coordinated care as well as clinical evidence summaries.


MCG – formerly Milliman Care Guidelines

MCG Health, part of the Hearst Health network, helps health care organizations (in both the government and private sectors) implement informed care strategies that proactively and efficiently move patients toward health. MCG’s transparent assessment of the latest research and scholarly articles – along with data analysis – gives patients, providers, and payers the vetted information they need to feel confident in their care management decisions. Eight of the ten largest U.S. health plans and more than 1,600 hospitals use our evidence-based guidelines and software (Cite for Payers and Indicia for Providers)


Vivify Health

Vivify Health provides a remote care platform utilizing consumer mobile devices and a myriad of services and solutions to provide comprehensive patient engagement. ZeOmega has partnered with Vivify to integrate Jiva with Vivify providing a bidirectional integration between Jiva’s care coordination capabilities and Vivify’s mobile platform. This integration allows the exchange of care coordination data such as assessments and virtual visits, alerts, educational content, and other information between platforms extending Jiva’s Care Coordination and content to the patient at home or anywhere outside the clinical environment.


Wolters Kluwer Health

Wolters Kluwer Health helps healthcare organizations improve clinical effectiveness by providing solutions that help balance the quality / cost equation. Our decision support solutions provide insights within the healthcare workflow to help control costs, maximize revenue, adjudicate claims, and enhance market research. Medi-Span® powers pharmacy systems with drug data for therapeutic classification and clinical screening. Medi-Span Price Rx® provides timely drug pricing analysis. Lexicomp® and Facts & Comparisons® help professionals make safe medication decisions with point-of-care drug references. UpToDate® offers evidence-based treatment recommendations. Together, these solutions provide consistent healthcare guidance to support business decisions and enhance patient care.


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