Dr. Rahul Singal

Sathya “Sam” Rangaswamy, MS

Chairman of the Board, Founder, and CEO

Mr. Rangaswamy is an entrepreneur who has founded and managed web hosting and e-commerce ventures. Prior to founding ZeOmega, he worked at American Airlines and The Sabre Group where he led and delivered web-based solutions for Air New Zealand, Swiss Air, American Airlines, Carlson Travel and Travelocity.

He has architected business process and content management solutions for Gartner Inc., servicing over 25 channel events such as RetailVision and Midsize Enterprise Vision.

During the dot-com era he was Vice President of Technology for a medical management start-up where he architected and developed automated fax and web based preauthorization solutions using decision tree based algorithms for medical management. He has extensive experience in conceptualizing and reengineering business processes for medical management, event management and content management.

Mr. Rangaswamy has several publications to his credit including “The design of fuzzy constraint based controller for a dynamic control system,” which was accepted at the International Joint Conference of the 4th IEEE conference on Fuzzy Systems held in Yokohama, Japan in 1995.

Other publications include “Connecting Stakeholders to Improve Care” in ADVANCE for Health IT Executives, which discusses the role of payers and technology platforms to support medical homes, and “Transition care management” in Managed Healthcare Executive, which discusses an opportunity for payers to manage costs and improve quality of care.