Business Use Case Demonstrating How Jiva Provides the Data Integration, Care Coordination, and Performance Management Capabilities an Early-stage ACO Needs to Excel in Risk-based Arrangements

With Jiva, an Early-stage ACO Can Streamline Care, Increase Collaboration, Optimize Efficiencies—and Track and Report its Results

Download this business use case to learn how Jiva provides the capabilities early-stage ACOs need as they expand operations and assume additional risk. Jiva’s flexible solutions for data integration, care coordination, and performance management can empower an early-stage ACO to excel in growing risk-based arrangements today, and provide the extensibility necessary to meet changing needs long-term. With Jiva powering its operations, an early-stage ACO can anticipate real results, such as:

  • Coordinated, impactful care through shared patient records and care plans.
  • Improved patient compliance and reduced readmissions.
  • Increased ability to meet performance goals in risk-based contracts and participate in larger ACO initiatives.

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