Jiva for MTM Part D

Better Manage Medication-related Issues Prevalent Among Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Dual Eligible Populations

Jiva for Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Part D better enables health plans to address medication-related issues for Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and dual eligible populations by facilitating communication between beneficiaries, prescribers, and providers.  And it meets all the requirements of CMS’ MTM Part D program.  

Press Release

ZeOmega Launches Integrated Medication Management Solution to Improve Patient Safety and Lower Medical Costs

Jiva Integrated Medication Management helps clients integrate medical and pharmacy management programs for better outcomes at lower costs

White Paper

The Value of Integrated Medication Therapy Management
by Rachel Koh, Director of Clinical Product Strategy

Learn how integrating MTM better positions you for success.

With Jiva for MTM Part D, you can:

  • Improve medication safety
  • Prevent unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations
  • Reduce medication-related issues as a beneficiary moves through the care continuum
  • Improve the therapeutic effect of medications
  • Enable better overall health outcomes
  • Achieve CMR and TMR completion rates
  • Maximize Star ratings for Medicare Part D beneficiaries
  • Meet all CMS regulations for MTM services for Medicare Part D