Jiva for Behavioral Health Management

End-to-end Population Health Management Platform Supported by Proprietary Clinical Content for Integrated Behavioral Health Management

Behavioral health issues are a multi-faceted challenge for the U.S. healthcare system. In 2014, the U.S. spent $220B on mental health and substance use disorder treatment (SAMHSA). One in five adults experiences a mental health condition each year (NAMI). Twenty-four point six million Americans age 12 or older had illicit drug use in the past month (NIDA), and 12.5 million Americans misused opioids in 2015 (HHS).

Managing behavioral health has many challenges including identifying patients, treating behavioral health issues, and coordinating care across fragmented behavioral health services.

With Jiva for Behavioral Health Management, you can:

Press Release

Alliance Behavioral Healthcare Selects Jiva as Its Population Health Management Platform

A press release describing how a Durham-based MCO manages more than 200,000 Medicaid-eligible North Carolinians using Jiva.

Product & Data Sheets

Jiva for Care Management

An overview describing how the interoperability-enabled Jiva platform delivers unmatched care management capabilities to help health plans and providers succeed in value-based arrangements.

Jiva Clinical Solutions

An overview describing how Jiva supports integrated care management with proprietary, evidence-based clinical content addressing the seven domains of health—intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, social/cultural, occupational, and environmental—for a truly holistic approach to assessments and care planning.

Overcome Behavioral Health Management Challenges with JIVA

Holistically Manage Behavioral Health Issues Using Integrated Assessments.

Better identify behavioral health patients.

  • Evidence-based behavioral health identification rules and screening assessments.
  • Comprehensive data integrated from disparate sources across care settings.
  • Automated identification of medication/prescription issues based on pharmacy claims data.

Holistically manage behavioral health issues.

  • Integrated assessments for complex behavioral health conditions.
  • Individualized care plans addressing holistic needs of patients and reduce risks during transitions.
  • Capabilities to track and monitor prescriptions and medication adherence.
  • Alerts and outreach campaigns to address gaps in care and improve treatment adherence.

Effectively coordinate care across fragmented behavioral health services.

  • 360-degree patient-centered view and care plans shared among all involved.
  • Highly automated workflow integrated on one platform to coordinate care among disparate behavioral health services: public, private, primary care, specialty care, community services, etc.