Jiva for Clinical Solutions

Proprietary, Integrated Clinical Solutions Embedded in Jiva Platform to Drive Personalized, Holistic Care Planning, and Management

For payers, as well as providers with risk arrangements, managing a population’s health and patient risks is essential to financial well-being. Clinical care accounts for only a small portion of the health outcome. Care management needs to take a holistic view of the clinical, behavioral, and social determinants of a patient’s health, as well as formulate a personalized, holistic care plan. To support these goals, Jiva clinical solutions effectively deliver patient-centered care with proprietary, integrated clinical content embedded in the end-to-end Jiva population health management platform.

With Jiva clinical solutions, you can:

  • Focus on all seven domains of care, leveraging clinical, claims, and social behavioral data, as well as evidence-based clinical content.
  • Link identification and stratification to interventions, utilizing proprietary Jiva Sentinel Rules Engine and our vast clinical rules library.
  • Deliver holistic patient care through integrated identification and stratification, assessments and care planning—all seamlessly integrated with Jiva care management workflows.

Product & Data Sheets

Jiva Clinical Solutions

An overview of how Jiva supports integrated care management with proprietary, evidence-based clinical content addressing the seven domains of health—intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual, social/cultural, occupational, and environmental—for a truly holistic approach to assessments and care planning.

White Paper

Patient-centered Risk Assessments – A Key Ingredient of Value-based Care

Discover how integrated patient assessments can help you understand the whole patient for more impactful care plans, increased engagement, and improved outcomes.