Jiva 6.1

An End-to-End Solution for Successful Value-based Care

Transitioning to value-based care and achieving Triple Aim goals presents several challenges for healthcare organizations, such as:

  • Implementing programs and technology for complex and evolving market needs.
  • Aggregating and integrating data from disparate sources.
  • Assessing and managing risk more effectively.
  • Delivering comprehensive patient-centered care.
  • Engaging stakeholders across the care continuum.

The Jiva 6.1 Advantage: An End-to-End Population Health Management Solution

Jiva 6.1 provides an unmatched breadth and depth of capabilities to help you overcome these hurdles, including:

  • Jiva Predictive Analytics that also analyzes social determinants of health for more accurate risk stratification and to identify risk drivers for impactability.
  • Fourth-generation HIE-enabled PHM to integrate data from clinical and financial sources for improved payer/provider collaboration.
  • Jiva Performance Management to support quality and compliance initiatives (MACRA, HEDIS, Star, ACO).
  • ClicBank, a powerful tool to significantly improve the efficiency of managing complex clinical content.

And Jiva 6.1 does it without compromising the longstanding Jiva hallmarks of configurability, modularity, and scalability. It delivers all of the solutions you need to meet today’s challenges, and it can grow and evolve to meet your changing needs long-term.


With Jiva, ZeOmega clients have achieved real, measurable results: