Jiva for Maternity Management

Solutions to Reduce Risk and Ensure the Health and Safety of Mothers and Babies From the Start of Pregnancy

One high-risk pregnancy can cost a healthcare organization nearly $57,000, compared to about $8,000 for a normal birth. Every year, this adds nearly $26 billion in costs to the healthcare system. Jiva helps you reduce risk and improve the safety of mothers and babies with advanced maternity management functionality that follows industry best practices and the latest in evidence-based medicine.

With Jiva for Maternity Management, you can:

  • Provide custom case management with clinical protocols built on maternity best practices
  • Identify high-risk pregnancy and pregnancy gaps in care with analytics
  • Involve expectant mothers with interactive patient engagement tools

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Identify. Engage. Intervene. How Holistic Maternity Management can Reduce the Adverse Outcomes and Escalating Costs Related to High-Risk Pregnancies

High-risk pregnancies pose considerable challenges for healthcare organizations. For health plans, it can be difficult to initially identify and engage at-risk maternity cases and then continuously monitor them to ensure a healthy delivery. Integrated delivery networks and other providers must recognize risk early and intervene quickly with a solid plan for appropriate ongoing care. With a holistic maternity management approach, organizations can overcome these obstacles to reduce adverse outcomes, lower costs, and ensure healthier mothers and babies.


  • Brittany Barriger-Moorman RN, BSN Manager of OB Case Management, Excel Network
  • Chelsea Hendrix, operations manager, health management, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama
  • Jack Lennon, M.Sc., CHE, AIAM, Independent Risk Management Consultant
  • Sandra Hewett, RN, CCM, Director of Clinical Content, ZeOmega


  • Matt Adamson, vice president of client relations, ZeOmega

Press Release

ZeOmega Launches Maternity Management Solution for Reducing Adverse Obstetric Outcomes

Jiva for Maternity Management helps providers and health plans identify at-risk pregnancies, supports evidence-based care coordination for better clinical outcomes

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