Jiva for Managed Medicaid

An End-to-end Solution to Manage the Highly Vulnerable Medicaid Population for Quality, Compliance, and Cost

Healthcare organizations serving economically disadvantaged children and adults must not only account for the disproportionate prevalence of chronic conditions, but also for behavioral and psychosocial factors that can present barriers to care. Furthermore, care management must always be compliant with federal and state regulations. Considering these challenges, ZeOmega® has leveraged vast industry experience and technological innovation to develop Jiva, an interoperability-enabled, end-to-end population health management (PHM) platform to help healthcare organizations enhance the management of their Medicaid population.

Product & Data Sheets

Jiva for Managed Medicaid

An overview of how Jiva manages the highly vulnerable Medicaid population for quality, compliance, and cost.

Jiva for Dual Eligible and Special Needs Plans

An overview of how Jiva effectively and efficiently manages the complex needs of Dual Eligible and Special Needs Plans.

Case Study

Medicaid Managed Care Organization Scales from 780,000 to More Than 2 Million Members in 5 Years with Jiva

Learn how Jiva helps a leader for the underserved and chronically ill scale its business while advancing services to be more efficient, effective, and satisfying to patients.

Medicaid Managed Care Organization Uses Jiva to Coordinate Community-Based Services for Dual Eligibles

Learn how a large Medicaid Managed Care organization relies on Jiva to coordinate interdisciplinary care for dual eligible members.

With Jiva for Managed Medicaid, you can:

    • Access provider-facing capabilities to facilitate automated authorization processes and co-management of care plans and quality measures.
    • Manage whole-person care with holistic assessments and personalized care planning including clinical care, medication management, behavioral health, maternity management, pediatric care, transition management, and senior care.
    • Utilize advanced predictive analytics that leverage financial, clinical, and socioeconomic data to identify at-risk patients and risk drivers for impactability.
    • Employ multi-channel engagement capabilities seamlessly integrated on one platform.
    • Achieve and maintain compliance with state regulations and program requirements.
    • Allow the interdisciplinary care team to be connected wherever and whenever care management services are delivered.