DIRECT Secure Messaging

Send and receive protected health information with safe, scalable, standards-based security

Maintaining the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI) is imperative. In fact, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) has mandated healthcare organizations to meet data transfer requirements using DIRECT™ Secure Messaging in order to qualify for certain incentive payments under Meaningful Use 2 criteria. Jiva’s™ DIRECT™ Secure Messaging capability offers a safe, scalable, and standards-based method for exchanging PHI that will help you meet regulations and provide assurance that your data transmission is airtight.


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Based on NwHIN standards, key elements of the ZeOmega DIRECT services suite include:

  • A modular, flexible design for enabling DIRECT secure messaging at any level, enterprise and beyond
  • DIRECT services enterprise services bus (ESB) that enable the tracking and routing of DIRECT email messages (MIME encoded or SMIME encrypted)
  • A highly scalable and extensible provider directory that centrally stores user address book information by aggregating information gathered from all participants in the DIRECT services HISP
  • Integration with Jiva’s enterprise master person index (EMPI) to help compare address information to detect duplicate records
  • Built-in certificate authority which issues certificates used in DIRECT email service
  • Support for application programming interfaces (APIs) and other DIRECT-applicable standards
  • Available as a standalone solution for care team communication or as part of JIva’s PHR for patient-care team communication


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