Enterprise Data Warehouse

Aggregate and Standardize Data in One Central Location for Successful Population Health Management

Population health management requires healthcare organizations to unlock myriad data sources in order to access to richer and more comprehensive information than ever before. With Jiva’s™ Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), you can capture, aggregate, and standardize various types of data from multiple sources, both within and beyond your enterprise, and then analyze it and turn it into actionable intelligence. In one location, users can access historical and real-time information to gain critical insights that will facilitate various activities essential for effective value-based care; from more impactful clinical decisions, to fulfilling today’s rigorous reporting requirements for CMS, Meaningful Use, ACOs, and more.


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Jiva’s Enterprise Data Warehouse at a glance:

  • Benefits
    • The EDW is separate from transactional databases for maximum performance efficiency
    • Highly scalable
    • Integrates with Jiva Role-based security
  • Capabilities
    • Encompasses standard information models, such as HITSP C154 and message structures such as HL7 v2.5.1
    • Supports the Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture (CCDA) information model
    • Integrated with the EMPI and Sentinel Analytics Engine to turn data into actionable intelligence
    • Consolidates data from health plan administrative and financial data such as claims, eligibility, authorizations and clinical data from EHRs, pharmacy, lab results, radiology reports, referrals, and other data.
  • Databases
    • MS SQL Server Enterprise 2008r2
    • Oracle 11g R2 Enterprise
    • Transactional database and EDW (SQL)

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