Evidence-based Medicine by Age Group

Assuring Age-appropriate Care for Every Individual

While multiple patients often have the same condition, each needs to be treated differently based on numerous factors – particularly their age. Even with established standards of care and treatment protocols, a diabetic child, for example, is clearly going to require a different approach than a diabetic elderly person. Diabetes in children tends to be more aggressive, leading to earlier complications.  An adult over 65  likely has multiple health conditions, changes in normal metabolism and may have memory and mobility issues. Target levels of managing blood glucose vary by age and situation as well.

The NCQA-certified Jiva™ platform features an evidence-based medicine approach that incorporates age as a key determining factor to provide assurance that every individual – from birth to end of life – is receiving care that is most appropriate for them. It is a fundamental component of patient-centered care management that puts the individual at the center of the healthcare spectrum.


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