Jiva supports team-based care management for a more holistic, patient centered approach

Working collaboratively for better outcomes and a better patient experience

Patients with complex medical issues also tend to have social or other issues and have trouble navigating the health system. Team-based care is not a new concept but it is gaining in practice as the evidence mounts that it helps keep people out of the hospital and more active in the their lives.

A multi-disciplinary team works collaboratively with patients, family members, care givers, and community service providers within and across care settings on shared goals. The benefits to the patient are enhanced access to care with improved quality, safety, reliability of care and better health functioning. Benefits to the care team are better outcomes and high efficiency. And over all, everyone benefits from lower costs.


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Highlights of Jiva’s support for multi-disciplinary care team include:

  • 360-degree view of the patient’s health status so everyone is working from the same, current information
  • Shared care plans
  • Direct Secure Messaging among the care team
  • PHR for patient engagement that also includes Direct Secure messaging with the care team
  • Mobility solutions that let the care team work where they are

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