Jiva Patient Activation Functionality

Comprehensive Resources to Educate, Engage, and Empower Patients for Better Outcomes

Compelling patients to become active participants in their own healthcare management and delivery improves outcomes and increases the overall care experience. To leverage this, healthcare organizations must implement personalized patient engagement strategies that account for the drivers of an individual’s behavior and empower them to make the right decisions about their healthcare. Jiva delivers extensive functionality that will enable you to more easily educate, engage, and empower patients, such as:

  • Jiva’s PHR provides a 360-degree view of the individual’s information. Patients can interact with other stakeholders through secure messaging and discussion boards to share collaborative care plans, assessments, alerts, and lab and medication lists
  • Multichannel communication for the patient and all care team members
  • Interactive educational materials from industry leading content providers, Emmi® and Healthwise®
  • Analytics to clearly assess the need for change, propensity to change, factors that drive change, and factors that induce change fatigue
  • Comprehensive wellness and health risk assessments


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