Patient Consent Management

Ensuring the Safety and Security of Patient Data for Successful Population Health Management

Emerging healthcare management and delivery concepts increasingly rely on the bidirectional exchange of patient data. Ensuring that protected health information stays private and secure is a top priority. Jiva’s advanced patient consent management capabilities will give you assurance that your organization is in compliance with patient privacy and protection regulations as you share information across the healthcare network.

Jiva offers a unique and configurable solution for capturing and managing patient consent. It features a patent-pending, comprehensive consent management model based on strong foundational principles, and offers advanced flexibility to support and implement virtually any governance recommendations or mandates.


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Jiva’s consent management services provide granular control to accommodate patient choice:

      • Flexible Consent Management accommodates policy exceptions
            • Opt-In/Opt-Out
            • Opt-Out with Exceptions
      • Break-the- Glass access for emergency settings
      • Consent preferences configurable through Patient Portal, PHR and at Point-of-Care
            • Granular level control
            • Specialized templates for implementing policies and restrictions such as:
                  • No HIV/AIDS
                  • No genetic related
                  • No substance abuse related
                  • No mental/behavioral health related

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