Jiva Performance Dashboards

Speed to Value-based Care with Provider Performance Management and Alignment

Optimizing provider (especially physician) performance and alignment is critical for success in value-based care. Physicians drive the bulk of healthcare costs and are responsible for overseeing patient care. Historically, driving physician alignment has been challenging for health systems for many reasons, but one of the key issues is related to timely and accurate performance measures due to:

  • Difficulty integrating data systems across care settings.
  • Lack of reliable data, especially financial data, across the care continuum.
  • The inability to draw meaningful insights from data and drive actions.
  • Cumbersome reporting tools.


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ZeOmega® has leveraged vast industry experience and technological innovation to develop Jiva, an HIE-enabled one-stop population health management platform. Built to maximize the “best in class” Jiva technology platform, Jiva Performance Management (JPM) allows healthcare organizations to efficiently manage the clinical and financial performance of value-based care arrangements while monitoring Star, ACO, HEDIS, and other value-based-care goals.

With JPM, you can:

  • Leverage Jiva’s industry-leading interoperability to integrate both payer and provider data from across the
    care continuum.
  • Access a 360-degree patient-centric view and patient registries.
  • Gain key insights into clinical, quality, and financial performance and quickly identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Drill down to provider- and patient-level detail for more granular information.
  • Integrate JPM’s dashboards with powerful Jiva workflows to drive actions.
  • Streamline the management of multiple lines of business or various payer contracts on one platform.
  • Leverage Jiva’s out-of-box reporting and custom reporting capabilities.

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