Portals and Mobility Solutions

Delivering patient data to stakeholders wherever, however, and whenever they need it

As patients progress through the healthcare continuum, they shouldn’t have to leave behind valuable data at every stop along the way. It should not only follow them, it should be accessible to each stakeholder they encounter; from a primary care physician to a specialist, social worker, case manager, and even patients themselves. Jiva’s portals and mobility solutions deliver patient data to those who need it – where, when, and how they need it – to facilitate more informed decision making that improves outcomes and lowers costs.


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Highlights include:

  • A Care Coordinator Mobility application puts the power of the Jiva platform in the palm of the clinician’s hand with access to critical data and support for offline functionality to overcome remote connectivity problems.
  • Portals for patients, providers, clients, reviewers, and reinsurers that provide a mutually-accessible, up-to-date view of relevant patient information while connecting stakeholders, engaging patients, and streamlining communications.

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