Patient Care Reminders

Delivering high quality, whole-person health management requires a proactive approach and tools that facilitate sickness prevention. The next evolution of quality management, ZeOmega’s Care Reminders, help organizations proactively manage quality measures to prevent gaps in care from occurring. Patients benefit from healthier lives and lower costs. Health plans and other risk-bearing organizations benefit from improved HEDIS scores and Star ratings, and a lower cost of care.

Views in Jiva display a complete list of patient quality measures and other proactive outreach points in care, in one place along with clear visual cues indicating the amount of time left before a gap occurs for each element. The forward-looking view helps care managers identify and stratify patients at risk ahead of the curve. Jiva Care Reminders also:

  • Coordinate with reporting at provider and population levels (Clinical Quality Dashboards)
  • Support outreach campaigns
  • Enhance digital consumer engagement strategies
  • Enable “health” planning instead of “care” planning

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