Integrated Assessments for Care Plans

The Integrated Assessments in Jiva empower clients with information for creating more robust, personalized care plans that address a patient’s specific issues, including multiple comorbidities and social determinants of health for optimal health outcomes. Integrated Assessments leverage the General Assessments in Jiva as the foundation (adult, pediatric, geriatric, behavioral health, wellness, and maternity), which is significantly enhanced with additional questions, evidence, and care planning around chronic conditions and topics associated with complex and high-risk patients.

Users are able to auto-generate care plans and drive activities, such as “follow up with referral to diabetic educator in 30 days,” based on question responses. They can also deploy Jiva’s pre-built protocols, reconfigure them, or develop new ones.

Jiva’s assessments are based on thousands of hours of research and design and reviewed annually for updates. Each assessment includes well documented evidence and sources.