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ZeOmega Contributes Expertise to HHS-CODE Roundtable on Privacy and Data Access

A couple of weeks ago on July 15, the HHS Office of the Chief Technology Officer and the Center for Open Data Enterprise (CODE) co-hosted a “Roundtable on Balancing Privacy with Health Data Access.” The invitation-only event explored how to balance the privacy of sensitive health information with data access for public good and brought […]

A Single Capability within Your PHM Platform Can Make—or Break—Your Organization

Value-based care has totally changed the model of healthcare reimbursements. Providers are incentivized for the value of the care they deliver rather than the volume of services they offer. So, to help enhance quality of care, provider entities are looking to advanced Clinical Performance Dashboards as the ultimate tool because of their actionable intelligence. But […]

Introducing the ZeOmega Jiva Consultant Certification Program

ZeOmega truly values the role of consulting organizations in the health information technology industry. As such, we are very proud to unveil a new Jiva Consultant Certification Program that will enable consultants to strengthen relationships with existing and future clients by becoming certified on the HIE-enabled Jiva platform. This is an outstanding opportunity for consultants […]

Is Your Organization Making the Right Investments for Your Successful Transition to Value-based Care?

I have come across several provider organizations that, in response to requirements of accountable care, have decided to upgrade their EHRs. They believe these newer EHRs will solve their interoperability challenges and help them meet PHM goals. The implementation costs associated with painfully ripping and replacing their older EHRs are in the tens of millions, […]

Is Your Patient-centered Care Management Approach Really Patient-centered?

Today’s healthcare organizations are clamoring to adopt patient-centered care management strategies in an effort to improve outcomes, lower costs, and increase patient satisfaction – otherwise known as achieving the Triple Aim. But are these new approaches optimally effective? Prevailing population health management methodologies, particularly in the case of chronically ill patients, tend to focus on […]

Medicare and Medicaid Turn 50

With Medicare and Medicaid recently celebrating 50 years of existence, it’s fascinating to see the parallels between these two programs and the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010. Similar to the ACA, the enactment of the Social Security Amendments of 1965, which created Medicare and Medicaid, caused a certain amount […]

Payer/Provider Collaboration: What Works?

My role as Chief Strategy Officer for ZeOmega gives me the opportunity to regularly speak with executives from various healthcare organizations, including payers, providers, industry analysts, and fellow IT companies. It is always interesting to see how the discussions converge around a common theme. Last year it was the heated debate around the lack of […]

The Five Pillars of Population Health Management: Consumer Engagement

Population Health Management Defined Part Six of a Six-Part Series In today’s technology-driven society, mentioning the term “consumer engagement” in the context of healthcare brings to mind young-ish, otherwise healthy people jogging in the park with Fitbits® or Jawbones®. For those of us in population health management (PHM), however, consumer engagement has a much deeper meaning. […]

The Five Pillars of Population Health Management: Holistic, Patient-centered Care Management

Population Health Management Defined Part Five of a Six-Part Series One could make a very strong argument that the many moving parts and different variables associated with healthcare’s rapid evolution to value-based models and population health management (PHM) all boil down to one thing: the consumer. If these new approaches are going to succeed, it is […]