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Improving Population Health One Person at a Time

ZeOmega is a leading provider of population health management software. Our solution does more than help care managers track individuals and their treatments. It transforms traditional episodic-based care into an ongoing and collaborative healthcare model that benefits everyone involved: the payer, the provider and the patient or member.

Jiva transforms traditional healthcare management into true population health managementOur population health management platform enables integrated and shared care management through electronic health record-enabled care plans, point-of-care tools, decision support, user-configurable workflows and portal services.

ZeOmega serves as a “true-north” partner for clients – offering flexible deployment and delivery models. Our innovative platform is designed to integrate workflow, analytics, content and communication capabilities.

We shift the focus from just looking at data and taking isolated and manual actions, to sharing information and taking cooperative, meaningful steps in an automated manner. As a result, we help you improve the quality and cost of healthcare, streamline operations and facilitate communication among stakeholders.

ZeOmega In the News
How ACOs Can Prevent Avoidable Hospital Readmissions
How ACOs Can Prevent Avoidable Hospital ReadmissionsPatients are generally  grateful for the care they receive in the hospital, but they are always eager to return home. And they certainly do not want to be readmitted days or weeks after discharge. In this article, recently published in both Accountable Care News and Readmissions News, ZeOmega’s Matt Adamson provides three key ways ACOs can prevent these high-cost readmissions, most of which are avoidable. Visit our News Center to learn more!
Questions Your ACO Must Ask
ACO-360⁰ Needs Assessment:
Questions your ACO must ask

There are three things “new” to healthcare that really aren’t new at all: population health management (PHM), the patient-provider relationship, and the emergence of Health applications (mHealth, advanced diagnostic technology, etc). In this article on, ZeOmega’s C.J. Fulton provides his thoughts on ACO-360⁰ questions that will help you select an ACO platform that allows stakeholders to access their “internet of care things.” Click here to learn more!