ZeOmega Leadership Team

Visionary Industry Veterans with Decades of Clinical, Technical, and Business Experience

ZeOmega is led by a seasoned team of healthcare visionaries and experts whose innovative approach and proven industry acumen have helped the company transform into the industry’s premier provider of population health management solutions.


Sathya "Sam" Rangaswamy

Sam Rangaswamy, MS

Chairman of the Board, Founder, and CEO, ZeOmega

Sadananda “Sada” Babu Rai

Sadananda “Sada” Babu Rai, MBA

Co-Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer

Rahul Singal

Dr. Rahul Singal

Chief Medical Officer

Sandra Hewett

Sandra Hewett, RN, BSN, CCM

Chief Nursing Officer

Shaun Newton

Shaun Newton, ISCO

Corporate Security, Compliance and Account Management

Arie van den Akker

Arie van den Akker, BA

Senior Vice President of Business Development, Sales, and Marketing

Dr. Trisha Swift, MSN, RN, CPPS

Vice President, Clinical Transformation

Jeff Rush

Jeff Rush, BSCSE

Vice President, Technology


Narasimha “Murthy” Koncha

Narasimha “Murthy” Koncha

Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Product Management and Engineering
Rakesh “Rocky” Naidu

Rakesh “Rocky” Naidu

Co-Founder and Vice President, Quality
Raju Sivalingam

Raju Sivalingam

Co-Founder and Vice President Human Resources, Learning & Development and Business Solutions
Mohan Ananthaiah

Mohan Ananthaiah

Co-Founder and Vice President Product Analytics and Business Intelligence