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Ranked Best in KLAS for Payer Care Management Solutions in 2022, 2023, and 2024!

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Jiva Healthcare Enterprise Management Platform

All the tools you need to lower costs and improve quality for maximum ROI: in one place. On one platform. Backed by professional services. A reputation for real results.

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The Jiva Healthcare Enterprise Management Platform represents a comprehensive set of AI-powered solutions that integrate your data, apply advanced analytics, intelligently automate workflows, and optimize team efficiency and effectiveness with world-class clinical content-driven care pathways.

Jiva empowers your teams to accurately administer benefits, manage the organization, and profitably run the business for the best outcomes for everyone.

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End to End Care Management
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Analytics & Reporting
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Clinical Intelligence
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Client Configurable Rules
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AI & Machine Learning
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Mobile Solutions
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What Does Jiva Healthcare Enterprise Management Platform Do?

Secure Data

At the heart of the platform is your data – secure, separate, and private – aggregated by our HealthUnity platform from all sources (EMR, claims, clearinghouse, labs, PBM, you name it) into a normalized personal data lake to serve as the single source of truth for your organization.

Actionable Intelligence

AI-powered analytics in our Jiva population health platform with embedded SDOH criteria turn that data into actionable intelligence that identifies gaps and trends, benchmarks against compliance and quality metrics, and fuels your care management teams.

Automated Workflows

Even for teams in-flux or understaffed, Jiva’s automated workflows build your institutional knowledge into a framework containing the industry’s premier clinical content and custom care pathways built and continuously improved by seasoned care managers.

Electronic Prior-Authorization

Intelligent Electronic Prior-Authorization takes the load off your decision makers and executes sophisticated authorization logic quickly and accurately, routing exceptions as appropriate to the right teams with the right information attached.

Key Benefits of Jiva Platform

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A One-Stop Platform

One-stop shopping for a comprehensive and fully integrated platform of population health, care management, and workflow automation solutions, powered by AI and backed by proven ROI.

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Single Source of Truth

Integrate, aggregate, and normalize data from across your healthcare ecosystem creating a single source of truth for the entire organization.

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Automated Workflows

Intelligently automated, actionable workflows, proven to maximize team productivity, care quality, outcomes, and ROI.

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Intelligent Insights

Set care teams up for success with the intelligent insights and next best actions they need to effectively address risk and optimize quality for best outcomes.

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The Holistic Approach

Facilitate a holistic approach to medicine to align your organization with a fully integrated, whole health model.

Member Engagement

Utilize clinical intelligence to automate efficient and effective member engagement and drive improved health outcomes.

ZeOmega is #1 Best in KLAS for Payer Management Solutions 2022, 2023, and 2024

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