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Care Management Solution

Managing care consistently to the highest standards of quality and outcomes improvement can be extremely difficult for organizations facing workforce shortages, complicated regulatory requirements, and cost pressures.

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How Our Jiva Platform Enables Better Care Management

Experience Advanced Care Management with Jiva

The Jiva Healthcare Enterprise Management Platform addresses care management challenges by combining the power of AI with world-class clinical content and workflow automation logic to focus your teams on “next best actions.” By automating routine tasks and screening out the ‘noise’ in member data, we help ensure your teams are doing the highest value work every step of the way. The Utilization Management (UM) capabilities in Jiva give healthcare organizations the insights and tools needed to better guide the use and effectiveness of healthcare services.

Deep understanding of the care management function is in our DNA. Our clinical content and customized care pathways and workflows have been designed and are continuously updated by seasoned care managers who have spent years helping members and patients navigate their care journeys. They know what it takes to make a real impact with members and keep highly trained care managers engaged and fulfilled with high-value work.

Jiva Covers All Your Chronic and Acute Care Management Needs

The embedded Utilization Management (UM) capabilities in Jiva are leveraged as a highly efficient, early adopter tool for identifying quality candidates for chronic care management programs. Once identified, Jiva’s evidence-based protocols and automated workflow guides users through the appropriate steps to advance the Quadruple Aim. The robust platform also applies advanced analytics to constantly mine data that helps predict a member’s health outcome and appropriately schedule care interventions. Jiva covers all the bases for identifying and managing members who would benefit from chronic care management programs and/or acute care management.

ZeOmega is #1 Best in KLAS for Payer Management Solutions 2022, 2023, and 2024

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