Jiva Predictive Analytics

Retrospective, Prospective, and Predictive Tools to Make Your Data Work Harder for You

Successful value-based care necessitates leveraging the full power of data to understand your population and facilitate personalized interventions when, where, and how they’re most effective. Jiva offers unmatched data acquisition and analysis capabilities that inform and drive workflow, and continuous learning that enables you to understand your population better and personalize care for individuals based on established standards and guidelines.


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Jiva’s analytics offerings at a glance:

  • Deep, Rules-based Analytics
    • Condition identification and stratification to help you target people to the right program at the appropriate time
    • Compliance with evidence-based care guidelines and identifies gaps in care; identify needed care for cohorts of interest
  • Predictive Analytics
    • Inpatient admission risk; rank cohort members based on acute event likelihood
    • Readmission risk; effectively target discharged patients for care transition assistance
  • Easy to use, self-service tools
    • Use our content, yours, or a combination of both, to automate your own policies and best practices

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Jiva Predictive Analytics

Going beyond risk scores and claims information to deliver a much broader spectrum of patient information for pinpoint stratification.