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Population Health Management Solution for Medicaid

Support high-quality care with appropriate cost controls while meeting specific state-by-state regulatory requirements

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Every Medicaid program presents a unique set of requirements, processes, and rules for everything from member assessments to utilization and care management. With experience across multiple state programs, ZeOmega offers the knowledge and flexibility to help organizations meet the specific requirements of each managed Medicaid plan.

Enabling high-quality care for vulnerable populations that is both compliant and cost effective is not easy, and two big challenges stand out:

  • Understanding the subtle combinations of factors that are really driving outcomes and gaps in care.

  • Intervening effectively with limited staff, high turnover, and constrained budgets.

Medicaid Solutions

ZeOmega solutions excel at addressing these key managed Medicaid challenges. With the industry’s most sophisticated AI-powered population health analytics that incorporate a broad range of built-in social determinant factors, we enable care management teams to find the right interventions for the cost/quality drivers in your Medicaid communities.

We also embed evidence-based clinical content best practices, and “next best action” workflows created by experienced care managers with extensive Medicaid-specific nursing experience and updated yearly. This makes it possible to optimize care teams to follow step-by-step automated workflows to eliminate unwanted variation for high-quality, high-impact results every time.

Key Solutions for Medicaid

ZeOmega is #1 Best in KLAS for Payer Management Solutions 2022, 2023, and 2024

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