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The Impact of ChatGPT/AI in Healthcare

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The Impact of ChatGPT/AI in Healthcare

How Will Artificial Intelligence Change the Future of Care Management?

We are hearing a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the news, particularly the new kid on the block: ChatGPT. Many are excited and nervous about the potential changes ChatGPT offers to almost every industry in the world, including healthcare.

Download this eye-opening white paper authored by the Vice President of Technology at ZeOmega—the organization named “Best in KLAS for Payer Care Management Solutions” in 2023 and 2022—to explore the following questions around AI and ChatGPT in healthcare:

  • What exactly is ChatGPT?
  • Why is it so different from other artificial intelligence (AI) applications of the past?
  • What are the potential benefits of leveraging ChatGPT in healthcare?