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Care Management Solution for Health Plans

Jiva is your one-stop shop for a comprehensive set of solutions for care management, benefits administration, process automation, organizational optimization, and efficiency across the enterprise.

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Our care management solution  is powered by sophisticated data integration that delivers a clear view into enterprise insights and AI-powered analytics that work transparently to deliver advanced and specific insights into cost and quality.

Intelligently automated “next best action” workflows enable care management teams to support better care at lower costs while delivering an outstanding member experience. We embed evidence-based clinical content and best practices into workflows crafted by experienced care managers with extensive nursing experience. Updates are made annually to eliminate unwanted variation and ensure high-quality, high-impact results every time.

Automated Care Plans

Jiva can auto-generate web-based care plans based on assessment responses or manually selected standalone items. The platform can also auto-generate care plans via the Sentinel Rules Engine. This multi-pronged approach enables payers to leverage automation while maintaining the ability to customize care plans for each member’s unique health needs, improving outcomes and satisfaction.

Key Solutions for Health Plans

ZeOmega is #1 Best in KLAS for Payer Management Solutions 2022, 2023, and 2024

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