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Population Health Management for Medicare Advantage

Industry’s Premier Solution Set for Medicare Advantage Programs

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Key Concepts for Population Health Management with Medicare Advantage

ZeOmega has over two decades of experience working with payers and other risk-bearing entities to drive government program success. We know what it takes to stay in compliance while supporting optimal care for complex patient populations and continuously monitoring and managing cost and efficiency.

When it comes to Medicare Advantage programs, you simply cannot cut corners. We have built a comprehensive Medicare Advantage solution that covers all compliance requirements, automating adherence to complex reporting and regulatory obligations.

Star Ratings and compliance metrics depend on your teams having the intelligent tools and insights to zero in on the gaps and opportunities with the biggest impact while holistically addressing individual member needs. Powered by the most superior clinical content in the industry, we automate proven best practices with “next best action” workflows, enabling your teams to focus for maximum impact and ensure consistent quality for every member.

ZeOmega Medicare Advantage solutions feature built-in Risk Adjustment, drive consistent success in PMPM payment models, and maximize HEDIS® bonus performance. Whether you are seeking to grow your Medicare Advantage membership, improve transactional efficiency, or take your UM and CM performance to the next level, we have you covered.

Key Solutions for Medicare Advantage

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