• ZeOmega Ranked #1 Best in KLAS Top Performer
    for Payer Care Management Solutions 2022

    Thanks to our amazing clients, Jiva Population Health Management software is ranked #1 for
    customization, ease of use, and configurability!
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How did ZeOmega achieve “Best in KLAS – Payer Care Management Solutions 2022?”

KLAS Research develops its annual Best in KLAS report based on valid, unbiased insights gathered from thousands of healthcare organizations regarding their information technology. The 2022 report measured quantitative and qualitative data to deliver client satisfaction insights and performance metrics in the categories of culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value to help healthcare payers make informed technology decisions.

Why should it matter to you?

Adam Gale, KLAS CEO, explains it best.

“The Best in KLAS report and the awards it contains set the standard of excellence for software and services firms,” says Gale. “Vendors who win the title of Best in KLAS should celebrate and remember that providers and payers now accept only the best from their products and services. The Best in KLAS award serves as a signal to provider and payer organizations that they should expect excellence from the winning vendors.”

See What Our Clients Are Saying

ZeOmega’s clients shared their opinions of our culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value to help other healthcare payers make informed technology decisions.

Client Quote #1

“I like that we have the ability to customize the product on our own. When we have a new process or workflow, it is rare that we need the assistance of the vendor to implement the changes. The configurability of the system allows us to build out Jiva to meet our needs. ZeOmega is very responsive to our blocker issues. When we run into a major issue, although infrequent, they work around the clock to ensure we are able to get back and running as soon as possible.” (April 2021)

– VP/Executive on Jiva Configuration

Client Quote #2

“The vendor is collaborative. We have seen growth in their organization. We have learned from them, and they have learned from us. The experience is about the journey and not the destination. Healthcare is a tricky thing and will continue to be a tricky thing. Various mandates or requirements will continue to come our way, and there are things that we feel like we need to do better. ZeOmega has been open to collaborating with us and meeting us where we are. They are a good partner. I hope that we can continue to collaborate and learn from one another.” (December 2021)

– Manager on ZeOmega as a Trusted Partner

Client Quote #3

“The communication with the vendor is very good; we have open communication lines with ZeOmega. Our representative is very attentive to us and does a fantastic job. I am not sure how many other clients that person has, but I feel as if we are one of their biggest clients. That representative does a good job of helping us out on behalf of ZeOmega.” (December 2021)

– Manager on Communication with ZeOmega

Client Quote #4

“Jiva is a great tool. It allows us to custom fit the application to meet the specific needs of our organization. The ability to handle these customizations on our side saves us countless hours and dollars that normally would go to the vendor. The success of Jiva in our organization is truly in our own hands.” (April 2021)

– Executive on Configuration of Jiva

Client Quote #5

“When I first got my job, the organizational leadership said we had to prove that ZeOmega was the right choice by having a 30% increase in productivity. I have to say that we actually blew through that percentage goal. When I got the results, I took them straight to the leadership. I couldn’t ask for more tangible outcomes than what we got.” (November 2020)

– Executive on Increased Productivity with Jiva