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Social Determinants of Health Solutions (SDOH/Social Care)

Social determinants of health have a massive impact on health and are often the underlying factor in preventing access, compliance, and quality improvement.

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Factors such as housing, food, transportation insecurity, and inadequate support systems can render even the best care management programs completely ineffectual, cutting members off from the resources they need to engage and comply with care team support.

Vulnerable communities and individuals impacted by SDOH can be difficult to identify and even more difficult to address, requiring a sophisticated data analytics function as well as nuanced outreach programs that leverage care professionals as well as community resources.

Leveraging Jiva Platform for SDOH Challenges

The SDOH Social Care Platform seamlessly assembles data from a wide range of sources, including assessments, claims data, and government databases to create a holistic view of the interconnected social factors impacting the member. Our AI-powered, automated workflows are carefully customized to combine care management interventions with coordinated third-party social services, in-house benefit programs, and community resources.

The result is a nuanced approach tailored to the specific needs of individuals and specific communities, with a closed-loop reporting and collaboration process that aligns plan, provider, and community resources around shared goals and methods.

ZeOmega is #1 Best in KLAS for Payer Management Solutions 2022, 2023, and 2024

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