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Jiva Certification

Elevate your Jiva expertise to the next level

Jive Certification for Healthcare Consultants

Healthcare consultants can now add an exclusive tool to their arsenal with one of three Jiva Certification tracks. Current and future Jiva clients — some of the largest health plans and health systems in the nation — are seeking IT and professional consultants with unique expertise in our highly configurable population health management platform.

Consultants with Jiva Certification can offer healthcare organizations:

  • Strategic IT or program planning for organizations implementing Jiva for the first time or configuring new modules.
  • Tips and best practices to maximize ROI and optimize Jiva performance.
  • Specialized expertise in tailoring Jiva to individual organizations’ operations, populations, and objectives.
  • First-hand experience from high-performing Jiva organizations around the country.

How it works

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