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Achieving the Quadruple Aim with ZeOmega’s CareIntel Artificial Intelligence Solution

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It’s no secret that the Quadruple Aim – healthcare’s holy grail of reducing costs, improving population health, enhancing patient engagement, and improving the experience for healthcare providers – is essential for cost-effective healthcare. It’s also no secret that achieving the Quadruple Aim isn’t easy.

That’s because health professionals and payers are practically drowning in patient and population health data. This information should help unlock Quadruple Aim benefits, but few organizations have the expertise or infrastructure to make productive sense of that data. 

Gather and parse relevant population, medical, and lifestyle data without biases

Generate trust by transparently showing how it reaches conclusions


Simplify day-to-day workflow for healthcare providers, social services agencies and patients

Turn all that data into actionable, explainable intelligence and insights – then scale and translate those insights into intuitive, meaningful actions geared toward achieving the Quadruple Aim

Work as a service – with no need to learn and maintain an in-house technology platform or require a data science degree just to use it

Population health professionals could easily identify non-intuitive relationships that, when acted upon, could impact the well-being of both large populations and individual patients. Since they wouldn’t have to waste valuable time collecting and analyzing data, they would be able to focus on doing what they do best – help people live better and healthier lives.

Health plans could gain instantaneous insights into gaps in care, identify member segments for quality improvement, calculate clinical or social determinant risk scores, and more. They could correlate non-medical social needs with granular geographic location data to identify at-risk individuals for targeted programs. And they would achieve both immediate benefits, such as earlier interventions, as well as long-term improvements in managing chronic conditions – often even before these conditions become evident.

For example, payers might use ZeOmega’s insights to identify diabetes patients within a specific census tract where socioeconomic issues form barriers to payment and transportation. Targeted care management programs could then connect these individuals with interventions and community resources that overcome the obstacles, ensuring everyone receives the care, service, and support they deserve.



The ZeOmega CareIntel Solution Delivers Quadruple Aim Results

ZeOmega’s CareIntel solution enables health plans and population health professionals to anticipate and mitigate risk at both the population and the individual level – with transparency and without complexity. CareIntel is acomprehensive solution which offers a FULL analytics stack in ONE suite, combining AI’s predictive capabilities with:

Rules based retrospective analytics

Supervised Machine Learning

The Jiva Sentinel Rules Engine

Our decision tree algorithms found within the Assessment Configuration Engine.

Equally important, our CareIntel solution directly supports every element of the Quadruple Aim (click through for more about each):

  • Improve patient engagement via practical solutions that work within geographic and socioeconomic constraints. ZeOmega produces recommendations that fit patients’ local needs, giving engagement efforts the greatest likelihood of success, both immediately and over time
  • Reduce costs through automated workflows and enhanced member engagement for ongoing management of chronic conditions
  • Strengthen population health outcomes with no need to reinvent the wheel. ZeOmega delivers a complete population health management solution, ready to implement quickly and affordably today
  • Achieve a better healthcare provider experience by freeing population health experts to serve patients rather than manually process, track, and trend impossible amounts of data

ZeOmega’s CareIntel provides the only AI-based that provides interpretable AI with rules-based workflow solutions and supervised learning methods that connects macro-level population health analytics with personalized, targeted healthcare needs.

To learn more about ZeOmega and CareIntel contact us at or 214.618.9880.