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Jiva Member Engagement Navigator: Enhancing Consumer Engagement

Jiva Member Engagement Navigator: Enhancing Consumer Engagement

Enhancing Consumer Engagement With the Jiva Member Engagement Navigator

ZeOmega is revolutionizing member engagement with its comprehensive suite of capabilities comprising the Jiva Member Engagement Navigator solution. The solution set contains features that are part of the Jiva platform along with several new features we will highlight in this blog

Jiva SMS Text

SMS texting is one of the latest features we added to the Jiva Member Engagement Navigator suite. With Jiva SMS Text and the incorporation of clinical intelligence, ZeOmega helps healthcare organizations proactively engage and empower members for better health outcomes. The following capabilities are transforming member engagement in 2024.

  • Broadening Communication Channels

Effective communication is essential for member engagement, and Jiva SMS Text provides an innovative solution to reach members directly on their mobile devices. This feature allows healthcare organizations to send critical information, reminders, and personalized messages to members in real time, fostering a proactive and interactive approach to care management.

By leveraging Jiva SMS Text and the Jiva Member Portal, healthcare organizations can engage members through secure messaging, appointment reminders, medication adherence notifications, and wellness education. This direct and personalized communication channel enhances engagement by keeping members informed, motivated, and empowered to take charge of their health.

  • Harnessing Clinical Intelligence for Effective Member Engagement

The term Clinical Intelligence (CI) refers to the knowledge acquired through the collection, evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of clinical data. This data is often combined with financial, operational, and research data to drive informed medical and operational decisions across healthcare organizations. CI enables providers to make evidence-based decisions, assess care quality, enhance patient safety, and improve cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Therefore, in this blog post we use this term to describe the availability and acquisition of data and the analytics process used to drive decisions.

In a data-driven healthcare landscape, clinical intelligence plays a crucial role in understanding members’ health needs and providing targeted interventions. ZeOmega's solution combines clinical intelligence with member engagement strategies to maximize the impact of care management programs.

The utilization of clinical intelligence in member engagement allows healthcare organizations to analyze comprehensive member data, identify high-risk populations, and tailor interventions accordingly. By leveraging integrated clinical data, including electronic health records, claims data, and social determinants of health, organizations can gain valuable insights into members' health profiles and effectively engage them with personalized care plans.

The combination of Jiva SMS Text, analytics, and the Jiva Member Portal enables workflow use cases to:

  1. Identify a population cohort using clinical intelligence.
  2. Send members of that cohort a text based upon their communication preferences. The text will include a URL that takes members to the Jiva Member Portal where they can answer appropriate assessment questions.
  3. Save member answers in real time to the Base Jiva solution where additional workflow rules and analytics can be leveraged to determine next steps based upon answers. Additional use cases for this solution include:
    • Using embedded links to engage members to complete HRA questions on their phone.
    • Using embedded links to remind members of upcoming appointments and query if they need transportation.

Connect and Engage With Members More Effectively

ZeOmega's Jiva Member Engagement Navigator suite, comprising Jiva SMS Text, clinical intelligence, and more, represents a significant breakthrough in empowering healthcare organizations to connect and engage with members more effectively. By utilizing innovative communication channels and harnessing the power of data and analytics, ZeOmega enables healthcare organizations  to deliver personalized care experiences, improve health outcomes, and drive member satisfaction.

In an increasingly virtual and data-driven healthcare landscape, ZeOmega's member engagement capabilities serve as a catalyst for proactive and patient-centered care. As healthcare organizations continue to navigate evolving member needs and industry demands, ZeOmega's solutions position them for success by fostering meaningful member engagement and facilitating better health outcomes.

Existing Capabilities Recently Added Capabilities
  • Correspondence module
    • Letters
    • Emails using your fax server
  • Call tracking
  • HealthWise Integration
  • Third-party integration APIs
  • Analytics to enable sending letters to groups of members that meet criteria
  • Responsive Member Portal
  • Jiva SMS Text 
  • Member-grade level and multi-language support from the Jiva Member Portal
  • Member Journeys
    • SMS text templates bring members to assessments they can answer on their own
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms to visualize ‘likelihood to engage’ to assist in driving member outreach
  • Member engagement dashboard

Read more about the Jiva Member Engagement Navigator or contact ZeOmega for additional support.