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ZeOmega and the Quadruple Aim: Save Time and Money by Lowering Costs

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CareIntel Benefits Both Payers and Patients

Population health initiatives aim to help patients maintain optimal health and ultimately save money by managing and preventing disease. However, achieving those Quadruple Aim cost savings demands are more effectively achieved with:  

Population identification, stratification, and management

Actionable intelligence 

An uncommon blend of data and healthcare depth, breadth, and expertise. 

Speed, scale, and sophisticated data analysis generated by healthcare-specific artificial intelligence (AI)

These elements are necessary to identify non-intuitive interactions between social and medical needs across broad populations, narrow segments within those populations, and individual treatment regimens. When driven by AI, these insights can lead to faster interventions and better management of chronic conditions – as well as lower administrative and operations costs and enhanced staff productivity and satisfaction.

That’s why we built CareIntel, our AI solution. Our platform delivers savings in the form of better health outcomes as well as:


  • Granular and accurate data at both the population and individual level to address vulnerabilities and determinants of health
  • Reduced operational and administrative costs with automation and “smart” care planning
  • Improved workflow efficiencies for increased productivity and job satisfaction
  • Enhanced ability to anticipate members needs for better engagement

Equally important, our CareIntel solution directly supports every element of the Quadruple Aim (click through for more about each):

  • Improve patient engagement via practical solutions that work within geographic and socioeconomic constraints. ZeOmega produces recommendations that fit patients’ local needs, giving engagement efforts the greatest likelihood of success, both immediately and over time
  • Reduce costs through automated workflows and enhanced member engagement for ongoing management of chronic conditions
  • Strengthen population health outcomes with no need to reinvent the wheel. ZeOmega delivers a complete population health management solution, ready to implement quickly and affordably today
  • Achieve a better healthcare provider experience by freeing population health experts to serve patients rather than manually process, track, and trend impossible amounts of data

Let’s take a closer look at each savings opportunity.

Opportunity 1: Data Acquisition

Generate Better, More Cost-Effective Population Programs and Individual Treatments through Data Granularity, Specificity, and Accuracy

Better socioeconomic and health data yields more accurate population identification and stratification. The key to that granularity is data acquisition from multiple, richer sources. For example, many population health platforms use zip-codes to identify geographic markers for intervention. However, census data is more granular and more accurate, correlating any given location with disease states, morbidities, and social determinants such as income and housing, transportation, food access, and education.

These and other data components yield essential social insights into health risks that are invisible at the zip code level. Access to transportation and affordability concerns might preclude treatment adherence even within a wealthy zip code. Individuals living in those tracts might have a higher likelihood of drug abuse. Recognizing these population segments by geography enables population health programs that overcome obstacles to care. Caregivers gain the ability to monitor and control noncompliance, overdoses, and adverse medication interactions. As a result, payers avoid expensive hospital admissions and readmissions.

ZeOmega delivers that level of AI-driven actionable information for payer population health programs every day. The Jiva Sentinel Rules Engine – the workhorse of the CareIntel platform – rapidly analyzes social determinants of health risk stratification to provide real-world, proven rules sets and data models that deliver this close integration between census tract demographics and health state. Home-grown and built-from-the-ground-up efforts would take years and inordinate investment to replicate this expertise.

Opportunity 2: Turn Key Artificial Intelligence Solution

Lower Administrative and Operation Costs with Flexibility, Scalability, Immediacy, and Predictability

Premier population health systems are, by definition, massive data projects. CareIntel dramatically reduces development and operational costs and accelerates deployment by providing a fully-formed, market-proven AI solution. You only pay for the part of the infrastructure you use, and scale usage upward or downward as necessary.

Even better, CareIntel delivers the latest features immediately, with no need to interrupt on-premises or home-grown systems for upgrades. And, of course, an fully loaded offering like CareIntel represents an operational expenditure, with predictable costs that are much easier to budget than the capital expenditures associated with on-premises or self-built systems.

Opportunity 3: Workflow Integration

Raise Productivity and Employee Satisfaction with Workflow Integration, an Intuitive Interface, and Truly Actionable Insights

No population health solution saves time or money if it interferes with daily workflow or requires staff to become data scientists to do their jobs. By contrast, ZeOmega’s application programming interface (API) integrates AI recommendations intuitively with existing workflow across standard health plan business processes.


CareIntel provides full visibility into the system’s decision processes, building trust that its insights can and should be put to immediate use. It quickly identifies repetitive tasks for automation, which frees staff from drudgery and gets them back to doing the person-to-person components of their jobs that help people live healthier lives. In short, it delivers significant value in the form of heightened productivity and increased job satisfaction.

To learn more about how to reduce costs through ZeOmega’s CareIntel AI solution — contact us at sales@zeomega.com or 214.618.9880.