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Ranked Best in KLAS for Payer Care Management Solutions in 2022, 2023, and 2024!

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How Kern Health Systems Uses Jiva to Consolidate Data and Identify Opportunities to Improve and Streamline Care Management

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Jiva Provides the Solutions Needed to Execute Holistic Population Health Management and Easily Adapt to Business Growth and Market Shifts

Download this case study to learn how Kern Health Systems (KHS) uses Jiva to coordinate the physical and behavioral health needs of its members using holistic assessments and personalized care planning. Using Jiva, care managers, physicians, nurses, specialists, and members all have access to the same, real-time health information and care plans, heightening overall outcomes.

Read how Jiva helps KHS:

  • Integrate and aggregate health data from disparate sources.
  • Improve and streamline care management.
  • Manage compliance with regulatory standards for processes, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Plan for future expansion into new lines of business. The extensible and highly adaptable platform easily adapts to the organization’s road map.