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Insight Demonstrating how Jiva & MCG Cite AutoAuth Integrated Solution Automates the Prior Authorization Process

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ZeOmega and MCG Health offer an integrated solution to help health plans ensure appropriate care while increasing provider and patient satisfaction and controlling costs.

Evidence-based care guidelines and the Cite AutoAuth rules engine from MCG seamlessly integrate within the ZeOmega Jiva Provider Portal to enhance payer-provider collaboration.

Download this data sheet now to learn how Jiva and MCG Cite AutoAuth integrated solution helps health plans to:

  • Consistently deliver effective, quality care with access to evidence-based care guidance from MCG.
  • Control costs by automating high-touch, time-consuming prior authorization processes with real-time approvals and 24/7 portal access.
  • Improve the patient experience by reducing wait times for determinations and delivering appropriate care efficiently.