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Jiva for Complex Case Management

Jiva for Complex Case Management

ZeOmega’s Complete, End-to-End, Case Management Solution

The Jiva for Complex Case Management solution allows NCQA-accredited clients to identify, stratify, and assess all aspects of a patient’s medical and behavioral health holistically in a single assessment with prompts to ensure healthcare payers can better understand the needs of their members and develop targeted interventions that promote better health outcomes.

This complete, end-to-end, case management solution:

  • Offers evidence-based, rules-driven identification and stratification of members for complex case management.
  • Creates “containers/cases” to manage a longitudinal member record.
  • Holistically assesses a member's needs and recommends a plan of care.
  • Sets goals and interventions with reminders to members and end users.
  • Allows repeated reevaluation and ongoing management.