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Jiva for Managed Medicaid

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Managing care for economically disadvantaged populations requires healthcare organizations to account for the prevalence of chronic conditions and identify the psychosocial factors impeding better care. They must also ensure that their initiatives comply with stringent and changing regulations. To improve outcomes and lower costs, it is critical that these organizations:

  • Identify high-risk enrollees early.
  • Coordinate clinical care and behavioral health needs.
  • Share information among enrollees and care team members.
  • Strengthen compliance through adherent processes, monitoring, and reporting.

Download this brochure to learn how the fully-integrated, HIE-enabled Jiva population health management platform delivers advanced solutions to enhance the management of Medicaid populations. Jiva for Managed Medicaid provides exceptional value and optimizes results by offering:

  • Provider-facing capabilities to facilitate automated authorization processes and co-management of care plans and quality measures.
  • Whole-person care with holistic assessments and personalized care planning.
  • Advanced predictive analytics leveraging financial, clinical, and socioeconomic data to identify at-risk patients and risk drivers.
  • Multi-channel engagement capabilities seamlessly integrated on one platform.
  • Support for compliance with state program requirements.
  • A mobility solution to connect healthcare teams wherever and whenever care management services are delivered.