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Jiva Provider Portal

Jiva Provider Portal

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A Web-Based Application That Helps Optimize Care Quality

As an extension of Jiva’s Care Management solution, the Jiva Provider Portal is a web-based application that engages providers outside the health plan to fully collaborate on a member’s care. The Jiva Provider Portal allows providers to submit service requests online, receive real-time authorization decisions, and access satisfaction surveys and reports.

Download this overview to learn how administrators and providers are using the Jiva Provider Portal to:

  • See a 360-degree view of the member record, including assessment responses, care plans, utilization activity, and more.
  • Utilize real-time exchange of member information.
  • Self-serve and work together asynchronously with care managers who use the base Jiva Platform.
  • Collaborate with constituents of the healthcare team to positively impact member care.

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