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The Jiva Utilization Management Solution

The Jiva Utilization Management Solution

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ZeOmega’s Advanced Utilization Management Solution

Manage the Quality and Cost of Healthcare Benefits Before They’re Provided

The Jiva UM Solution saves you time and money by assessing preauthorization requirements and medical appropriateness of requests and applying your preferred evidence-based criteria and guidelines to achieve the goal of auto adjudicated preauthorizations before clinical staff is required to become involved in the process. Download the overview to learn how this powerful tool can help you:

  • Improve automation and efficiency to manage the increasingly complex lines of business and customer requirements, including government-sponsored member populations and behavioral health conditions
  • Drive overall effectiveness and efficiency of care management through integration of UM with other care management modules
  • Leverage potential payer-provider collaboration opportunities for data integration like EMR and ADT data as well as bidirectional exchange

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