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The Jiva Maternity Management Program

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ZeOmega’s Solution to Enhance Maternal and Infant Health

Unlock unparalleled advantages with Jiva, a platform that stands out among competitors by seamlessly integrating patient-focused solutions. Elevate your approach to maternal and infant health with The Jiva Maternity Management Program — a comprehensive solution designed to mitigate risks and enhance the safety of women’s health through advanced functionalities aligned with industry best practices and the latest evidence-based medicine.

Download this program overview to learn how The Jiva Maternity Management Program:

  • Manages maternal health consistently and effectively.
  • Reduces risk and improves safety for mothers and infants.
  • Leverages advanced maternity management features.
  • Aligns with guidelines and evidence-based practices for women’s health.
  • Streamlines workflows from day one with powerful tools and robust clinical content.