Best Practices for Healthcare Application and FHIR API Developers

Digital Healthcare

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In July of 2021, the Creating Access to Real-time Information Now (CARIN) Alliance released the CARIN Alliance Application Registration Manual (version 0.1), a guide discussing the best practices and recommendations for payers, app developers, and implementers of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®)-based APIs.

This white paper complements the CARIN guide by providing recommendations for payers and implementers of FHIR-based APIs that connect to healthcare apps.

The content includes:

  • An explanation of how programs such as the Trusted Dynamic Registration & Authentication
    Accreditation Program (TDRAAP) directly address several recommendations for payers, app developers, and implementers as they navigate the CMS Patient Access Rule.
  • A description of the value of the Electronic Healthcare Accreditation Commission’s (ENHAC’s) TDRAAP accreditation for supporting registration and security best practices for app developers connecting to member-focused, open, FHIR-enabled APIs hosted by payers.
  • A review of the Drummond Group’s FHIR-based API testing program, focusing on how it attempts to fill the interoperability gap and provide a valuable certification service to the payer community.
  • A description of how ZeOmega’s HealthUnity™ interoperability solution can help reduce administrative burden while enhancing security to assist payers with meeting access Rule requirements.
  • A proposed real-world solution for ensuring the applications that are looking to connect with payer endpoints can be pre-approved.

Download the CARIN white paper today to learn more about FHIR-based API best practices.