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How Health Plans and Providers Can Collaborate to Improve Care Transitions and Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Healthplan Provider and Payer

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With avoidable hospital readmissions costing billions annually, provider and health plan collaboration has become an important step toward reducing spend. By utilizing robust population health management (PHM) systems that assist with identifying gaps in care and pinpointing medication adherence challenges, care teams can focus harder on care transitions and the value-based model.

Download this white paper to learn how sustainable connectivity among physicians, hospitals, caregivers, and patients can help reduce hospital readmissions and improve care transitions through the utilization of:

  • Comprehensive data and analytics for patient identification and stratification.
  • Improved care coordination.
  • Rigorous disease management for high-risk populations.
  • Improved medication management.
  • Greater support for the entire care team.

Learn why now is the time to reach beyond the low-hanging fruit and begin to implement holistic programs and solutions that support whole care teams and proactive patient care. Working together, teams can fully engage in value-based contracts and help reduce hospital readmissions.