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ZeOmega’s CareIntel Enhances Consumer Engagement and Experience

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Health Initiatives for Populations and People


One of the most significant challenges for population health programs is understanding how to connect macro-level population health patterns to engage people within those populations. After all, individuals targeted for change actions have to be willing participants within proposed care plans and ultimately be empowered to make healthier choices. True consumer engagement means contacting them when, where, and how they prefer – without feeling pressured to join programs before they’re ready to belong.

The impersonal and artificial nature of automated mass outreach often turns health plan outreach efforts into negative member experiences. To overcome this challenge, healthcare organizations must craft person-centered outreach programs unencumbered by clunky or outdated population health management systems. There is really no such thing as a “typical” diabetic, arthritic, or hypertensive patient. Each individual is unique and expects customized care.

Another area for underperformance comes from failures to account for socioeconomic factors that often drive low adherence rates. These are complex issues driven by education, previous racial or ethnic discrimination, language barriers, cultural issues, poverty and other often intermingled reasons.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The Advantages of ZeOmega, CareIntel, and Explainable AI

Payers need an intuitive, automated system to connect broad population trends with carefully calibrated and individualized programs for at-risk members. Even more essentially, this solution must provide seamless population analysis and workflow for individual interventions, presented intuitively for case managers to supervise and patients to follow.

It sounds like an impossibly tall order. But ZeOmega’s CareIntel solution, based on a highly advanced artificial intelligence (AI), makes it easy for payers and providers to create superior engagement and patient experiences that encourage adherence – especially in geographic areas where socioeconomic factors present unique barriers to participation.

CareIntel processes massive amounts of highly specific geographical and demographic data, as well as health trends within those areas. It then translates that information into intuitive, trackable recommendations that fit cleanly into population health management workflows – with full transparency into how the AI algorithm has reached its conclusions. As a result, it empowers population health professionals to focus on their patients rather than wading through massive numbers of case files and data needing analysis.


A Comprehensive Digital Solution

CareIntel also enables customized digital engagement. It automatically tailors communications to the platform and media each individual prefers – be it email, texting or a specialized app. These detailed digital “breadcrumbs” connect outreach to follow-up, and ultimately, to outcomes. Since the process is digital, it streamlines tracking and measurement of results across individuals and programs, taking those results back up to the macro level to demonstrate efficacy and improve results for future programs.

ZeOmega’s AI also accounts for unexpected parameters that directly affect an individual’s willingness to join and follow an individualized program. These extra dimensions including the ability to structure communications according to language preference, education level, and preferred mode of contact. It also recognizes structural obstacles within any given census tract (i.e., food security, lack of transportation, neighborhood safety, lifestyle habits, literacy, etc.).

This type of detailed, automated, and digital customization leads to greater member engagement by encouraging members to take ownership of their care in ways that are clear and specific to each person’s needs, preferences, readiness, and lifestyle. For instance, the AI engine can incorporate education, local support organizations, and other resources to create broader communities of support – all tracked within the system’s workflow. 

Putting People Back into Population Health

More importantly, this comprehensive management platform drives ongoing communications that meet members wherever they are on their treatment journey. Lifestyle and community insights allow for implementation and tracking across incentive programs, as well as goal setting and rewards for reaching milestones. It also connects outreach to support organizations that help overcome non-medical obstacles like transportation to facilities, home visits, text messaging, phone calls, or video check-ins.


In short, ZeOmega enables population health professionals and programs to bridge from identifying and tracking populations to engaging and encouraging individual patients – quickly and easily as part of a daily case management program. Patients receive the connection and support they need as part of a friendlier, more practical engagement experience, which in turn makes it more comfortable for them to incorporate healthier practices into their daily routines. Read more here.

To learn more about how ZeOmega’s CareIntel AI solution improves engagement and experience for payers, providers, and patients — contact us at sales@zeomega.com or 214.618.9880.