Delivering effective, safe, and high value care is a challenge for both health plans and care providers. From efficiently managing care costs to meeting quality measures, increasing member satisfaction, and maintaining trusted healthcare relationships—there is much to be accomplished. To meet these goals, the industry is looking to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to help leverage the astounding volume of available data available to predict member needs and turn statistics into laser-pointed care plans, interventions, and engagement strategies.

CareIntel is the only solution in the industry that can provide:

CareIntel is an integrated suite of actionable and interpretable intelligence that combines Retrospective and Predictive AI capabilities using:

  • Rules-based retrospective analytics
  • Supervised Machine Learning (ML) based predictive analytics
  • The sophisticated Jiva Sentinel Rules Engine (SRE)
  • Decision tree algorithms and actionable intelligence powered by the Assessment Configuration Engine (ACE)

Backed by ZeOmega’s deep clinical knowledge, comprehensive PHM workflow, and years of utilizing medical, administrative, and social determinants data—CareIntel is the industry’s leading solution for delivering end-to-end, sophisticated, and interpretable AI.

How it Works

Drawing on years of ZeOmega clinical expertise and member data, CareIntel leverages three types of algorithms across its identification, stratification, prediction, and intervention solutions to meet specific care and business objectives. Derived at the intersection of accuracy and explain-ability, CareIntel’s insights and actionable workflows empower clients to identify specific needs in their populations and then power assessments, clinical dashboards, registries, care plans, and interventions to meet them.

AI, Explained

Many AI solutions generate the “black box problem,” where inputs and calculations are not interpretable to the user or others. This inhibits trust among stakeholders and hinders efforts to improve AI algorithms over time. CareIntel’s explainable AI provides interpretable, actionable results.