Case Study Demonstrating How an Integrated Delivery Network Upgrades to Jiva 6.1, Realizing Significant Improvements in Data Management, Health Risk Assessment, and Care Coordination


Efficient Care Management, Precise Risk Assessment, and Agile Platform Configuration in One Platform

Download this case study to learn why healthcare organizations require an effective approach to timely health risk assessment to deliver appropriate interventions and reduce the incidence of preventable care episodes. Read why proactive, multidisciplinary care management is key to achieving heightened healthcare.

This case study describes how the quality and accessibility of health data helps achieve wellness in members. Follow a leading, national integrated delivery network as they use Jiva 6.1 to:

  • Assist with the prevention of health issues before they arise.
  • Increase care management efficiency.
  • Advance the precision of risk assessment.
  • Improve the agility of platform configurations.
  • Help your organization meet, and exceed, Triple Aim goals.