Case Study Illustrating how a Large Health Plan Leverages Jiva for Optimal Maternity Management


Jiva Enables Large Health Plan to Better Engage At-risk Expectant Mothers to Minimize Complications and Ensure Healthy Babies

Download this case study to learn how a large health plan implemented Jiva to enable a successful maternity management program for at-risk pregnancy cases. Through Jiva, the health plan provides custom case management using clinical protocols built on maternity best practices. The platform’s analytics help identify high-risk pregnancies and gaps in care, while its unique patient engagement capabilities facilitate increased interaction with expectant mothers throughout the term of their pregnancy.  With Jiva powering its maternity management program, the health plan has been able to:

  • Ensure healthier mothers and babies
  • Reduce claims from mothers who are challenged to follow prescribed care
  • Streamline the workload of overburdened obstetricians and support staff