Case Study Demonstrating how a Large Medicaid Managed Care Organization Leverages Jiva to Connect Interdisciplinary Care Teams and Improve Care for Dual Eligibles


Jiva Helps Identify At-Risk Members and Drives Holistic Care Management with Social Determinants of Health to Reduce Avoidable Readmissions and Keep Members Healthy

Download this case study examining how a large Medicaid managed care organization leverages Jiva to facilitate collaboration among interdisciplinary care teams and provide holistic, patient-centered care to dual eligible members. With Jiva, the organization identifies high-risk individuals, understands their particular needs—including social determinants of health—and shares this information with community-based partners to ensure members receive the right care at the right time. The solution has enabled the organization to:

  • Reduce avoidable readmissions and related costs
  • Drive high-quality outcomes
  • Improve member health and satisfaction