ZeOmega Jiva Support Services is committed to providing clients with first-class support services, our Jiva experts are equipped and readily available to address the unique support needs of clients’ customized Jiva environments. Clients can rely on accurate and timely guidance from technical team experts, systems-trained support analysts, and operations leaders.

Our Support Services team enables you to stay ahead of issues through proactive problem identification, root cause analysis, and solution definition.

ZeOmega’s team of project and technical experts work diligently to deliver support escalation to the appropriate team, evaluate issues, and identify and deploy fixes while implementing the best solution to limit business disruption.

Jiva Operations team monitors the ZeOmega hosted Jiva environments to proactively identify and resolves the issues to avoid system downtime and business disruptions.

We coordinate service incident resolution across your multiple geographies, from initial notification to final resolution.

What We Offer

Jiva Support Services includes the following world-class support features:

Software Support and Maintenance

Technical support related to bug fixes and software resolutions, including updates, patches, and upgrades to Jiva software or its components.

Customization Support and Maintenance

Updates and upgrades to your unique Jiva environment and maintaining compatibility of customizations and interfaces with future versions of the software. Also, includes technical support related to bug fixes and resolutions for the customizations implemented.

Extended Support Features

24/7 phone support to resolve elevated problems which would render the site inoperable to users or impair functionality significantly.

How it works

Our Support Services Team

The Jiva Support Services team is made up of experienced professionals, including:

Jiva Support Analysts

Jiva Support Analysts are equipped with deep understanding of the healthcare domain and specialized expertise in health IT support and client success. They analyze and optimize our support processes, procedures, and response protocols for each ticket.

PMI-certified Project Manager

Your Support Project Manager acts as the main point of contact during the support life cycle, from start to finish. While a support ticket is open, the Project Manager receives and redirects communications appropriately while ensuring quality of client experience, accurate resolution application, and reduced response times for increased client satisfaction.

Jiva Operations

ZeOmega’s Jiva Technical Experts have years of experience building and deploying systems utilizing the Jiva platform. Jiva Experts are equipped with the knowledge and skills to address highly technical aspects of Jiva implementations, including planning, deployment, and monitoring. On-call support and production support available.

Client Testimonials

“We have been very pleased with our customer service team from ZeOmega – particularly in the last 18 months. From customer support, project planning, implementation of new releases, to our vendor partner managers, we feel like they are a valued part of our team. They know and understand our environment, work through system options to meet our needs, and push us to use the Jiva solution better.”

— Medicare Plan Operator in the Midwest

“ZeOmega Leadership visited us here onsite recently because you are ALWAYS there for us. You listen to us (the good and the bad) and you remain professional and helpful even when you have to tell us something that we may not want to hear. I just wanted you to know that you ARE appreciated.”

— Large Payer in the Southeast

“My experience working with ZeOmega has been a very positive one. I feel that in our Utilization Management department, we have developed a great partnership with ZeOmega, and both sides have been able to adapt and grow to better provide a great product to service our members. I enjoy using the Jiva product and feel the workflow is a smooth process and has many reporting options, and a great ability to customize reporting as needed.”

— Medicare Plan Operator in the Midwest

“We have been working with the ZeOmega customer support team now for over two years. The support team that we are currently working with is organized, professional, and skilled in understanding the unique needs of our company.”

— Regional Texas Health Plan

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